General practitioner care at my private practice in Frankfurt

After careful physical examination and required laboratory diagnostics, I use a variety of instrument-based diagnostics (see below) to assess all acute and chronic conditions.

Upon request, a holistic assessment of your conditions can follow which enables me to develop a tailored treatment plan for you.

Acute muscle, bone, or joint pain can effectively be treated with acupuncture or Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy.

Further holistic and general medical fields covered at my private practice in Frankfurt:

  • Preventive and medical examination
  • Preventive ultrasound examination: organs, thyroid, arteries with measurement of intimate media thickness (stroke prevention examination)
  • Sports medical examination
  • Consultation on vaccinations
  • Consultation on travel medicine
  • Consultation for patients wishing to become pregnant
  • Orthomolecular micronutrient diagnostics and consultation
  • Consultation on genetics
  • Primary psychosomatic health care
  • Skin cancer screening incl. digital documentation
  • Nutrition counselling for weight loss, metabolic disorder, autoimmune diseases (e.g. coeliac disease)
  • Microbial therapeutics, auto vaccine therapy
  • Allergy treatment

Technical range of services:

  • ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Pulmonary function test (spirometry)
  • Ultra-modern ultrasound diagnostics
  • Pulse oximetry (non-invasive measuring of oxygen saturation)
  • Blood level examination (possible referral to specialised laboratories)
  • Scatoscopy with referral to specialised laboratory Ganz-Immun
  • Urine culture
  • INR check
  • Blood sugar check
  • Troponin check
  • Urinary status
  • Pregnancy test (screening)

Services provided at my private practice in Frankfurt