Your doctor specialized in holistic medicine in Frankfurt

As a doctor specialized in general medicine and a doctor specialized in general surgery, I combine in my practice in Frankfurt classic conventional medicine with various aspects of alternative regulative medicine.

As Your doctor in Frankfurt I am happy to welcome patients with general medical issues as well as patients wishing to explore holistic diagnostics and therapies. At my practice in Frankfurt, as a doctor I place a strong focus on orthomolecular micronutrient treatment and microbial therapeutics*. A good individual fine-tuning of these areas is the basis for recovery and health maintenance, especially with regards to family planning, or, for example, allergies.

Painful conditions can be treated using acupuncture* as well as Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy.

Your personal treatment goal is my focus. I greatly value your trust and confidence.

* These methods are based on naturopathic/holistic studies that are recognised only in part by the traditional medical world.

Corona pandemic

To prevent or ease an infection with SARS CoV-2, fine-tuning your metabolism and immune system is recommended. Apart from lifestyle factors and micronutrient treatments, the microbiome, the intestinal immune system, is important. It can be supported by applying tailored probiotics more …

Opening hours at Your Doctor in Frankfurt

Mondays to Fridays by appointment only

In order to make your wait for Your doctor in the practice in Frankfurt as brief as possible, please book an appointment online or call me as Your doctor on 069  59 67 49 29. This also applies to cases of acute illness. The time at my practice in Frankfurt Nordend in the center of Frankfurt is reserved exclusively for you; you do not have to share the waiting room with other patients.

Johanna Jäger